Detect patterns and trends of your competitors’ prices with a price monitoring software to make effective pricing decisions for higher revenue and ROI.

No Limits

See into more detail the evolution of prices in each one of your competitors completely with no limits or restrictions.

Competitor Benchmarking

Checking your own price position compared to your competitors' is a valuable advantage to compete in your market.

Multiple Updates

We monitor and update the prices and stock availability information of your competitors multiple times a day to help you be fully aware of their movements.

Why Prisync?

Our price monitoring software gathers data on each one of your competitors’ prices in an automated way. They are scanned multiple times every day so that you can make data-driven actions much faster than anyone. Here are some of the reasons our differentiates than the rest:

  • Excellent data coverage

    Our price monitoring software comes from our excellent crawling technology which covers multiple products, categories, or brands worldwide. This gives access to a custom data set defined by your own products and own competitors that works for your niche.

  • Always up-to-date

    E-commerce companies require access to price updates from the market multiple times of the day. That's why we provide price and stock availability information updates four times in a single day.

  • No commitments upfront

    Test out our price monitoring service quality for free in 14 days. We don't ask for anything during your journey and if it meets your expectations pick a monthly plan and start your positive journey to positive ROI.


Know every price change in your market and position yourself easily.

You probably know that prices in e-commerce change a lot of times in a day and without automation, it's almost impossible to track your market movements. With Prisync's technology, you'll have more time analyzing, competing, and winning in e-commerce while others struggle with manual tracking techniques with giant spreadsheets.

How Prisync Works?

How to utilize price monitoring in 3 simple steps...

  • Import your products and competitors

    Add your product list and an unlimited number of competitors to your dashboard easily one-by-one or via the bulk uploading feature. Sit back and enjoy the pricing and stock availability data flow to your dashboard.

  • Start analyzing data

    Spot the difference with whom your prices are below, above or equal compared to your competitors' in each one of your products in a single dashboard. Use advanced filtering options to focus on a particular category, brand, or product.

  • Make smarter decisions

    After benchmarking your products against your competitors' you can start experimenting with increasing or decreasing your own. See how these changes affect your sales and profit margins to understand how important price monitoring is important for your business.

Trusted price monitoring service for any size of e-commerce business from all around the world!

Here are a few lovely testimonials we had from our users. For more reviews on Prisync, check out how we're staying on top of the price monitoring market in Capterra by Gartner.

The best thing about Prisync's software is how quick it is to use, I am able to simply export a spreadsheet with my preferred brands or products and I can quickly see/use the spreadsheet to see which products we can increase or decrease in priced to match our company competitors.
Sophie Topham -
Very easy to use and for new members of the team to pick up when needed. Delivers good quality results and helps us keep track of competitors. Customer service is incredibly good when we've had questions.
Tim Zinsaz -
It's really easy to use and you have all the info available with two clicks. If you need anything, you have a great customer service that will help you in minutes!
Carlos Sampol -
Prisync has a great user friendly interface and it helps to analyse all what you need quickly. You also get real time notifications so it helps to take needed actions rapidly.
Ertan Bayrakli -
Setup was very easy and import export features are great to have at hand. The support is faultless and wish other companies would deal with issues as quickly as Prisync do.
Neil Bell -

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does price monitoring mean?

    It is the action of consistently keeping an eye on competing for product prices that match with your own assortment in a systematic and organized way.

  • Is price monitoring necessary for my company?

    If you're in a competitive e-commerce market where product pricing is very important in influencing the purchasing decision, then absolutely yes. Even the slightest price change can bring in massive results and price monitoring is the only way to make insightful decisions. To achieve this, businesses need to fully automate the monitoring of their competitive landscape with minimum effort.

  • What's unique about Prisync's price monitoring system?

    Unlike other market research and monitoring services in the market, Prisync requires no technical integrations or configurations to offer a fully automated solution. You'll find the value in a few minutes because we give total control over what you want to analyze vs. others where they tell you what to track.

  • Would Prisync's price monitoring work in my country or industry?

    Yes, because our technology works on-demand and flexibly fulfills the needs of you in any market vertical or country. You simply define your own competitive product assortment regardless of a certain coverage or database, and similarly, you pick your own competitive landscape by listing down any competitor website you want to benchmark againts. Leave the rest to us.

  • I am not a technical person. Is price monitoring from Prisync hard to learn and use for me?

    Not at all! Majority of our users are parts of sales, marketing, purchasing or finance departments of their companies and they find Prisync quite easy to use as it requires no technical integration or setup. It's a full self-service solution where you can input your products and competitors to your dashboard. However, if you struggle with anything we always have 24/7 live chat support to help you anytime you need.

  • Is there a free demo or a free trial period to test Prisync before starting with one of the paid plans?

    Yes! We have a 14-day free trial where you can try any of our monthly plans with no limitations. It's the exact same experience you'll get when you start a monthly subscription, so no crippleware or locked features within the trial period. After the trial period, you can pick one of our monthly plans and simply pay-as-you-go and remember that you can always cancel/downgrade/upgrade your monthly subscription at any time without any penalties or hidden costs.

Still have a question? Send us an email to [email protected]