The pricing software that helps you listen to your competition, optimize prices and maximize revenue from a single dashboard, easily.


What is Prisync?

How Prisync Works?

Road to the unmatched Pricing Software in 3 simple steps.

  • Define your product assortment and competitors.

    Add your products in bulk or one-by-one to our system including an unlimited amount of competitors in seconds and enjoy the stream of data flowing through your dashboard.

  • Analyze fresh competitor pricing & stock availability data.

    Dive into your dashboard for detailed pricing movements in your market, discover historical trends, brand/category level indices, export your data into Excel files, and always be notified with email alerts.

  • Maximize profits with dynamic pricing strategies.

    Set profitable & competitive dynamic pricing rules with Prisync's robust dynamic Pricing Module built on top of the pricing software and grow your market share.

Main Features

  • Easy Setup

    No need for an integration or any tech-heavy setup. Experience the power of a pricing software in minutes.

  • Frequent Updates

    You'll always have access to fresh pricing data - 4 times a day - from the market to give you room for taking action.

  • Repricing Engine

    Set up SmartPrice rules to automatically adjust your prices against your competitors and improve margins.

  • Unlimited Competitors

    Monitor an unlimited number of competitors with our pricing software without any limitations.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Use from various reporting options like checking your overall pricing performance from the web dashboard or go in deeper with brand and category level analytics. Get notified via email and even go further with our API.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Analyze your entire market pricing & stock availability situation with filtering options and check historical trends to anticipate when your competitors change their prices.

Our Clients Tell It Best

Hundreds of companies across the globe trust Prisync's pricing software on increasing their sales and profit margins.

The best thing about Prisync's software is how quick it is to use, I am able to simply export a spreadsheet with my preferred brands or products and I can quickly see/use the spreadsheet to see which products we can increase or decrease in priced to match our company competitors.
Sophie Topham -
Very easy to use and for new members of the team to pick up when needed. Delivers good quality results and helps us keep track of competitors. Customer service is incredibly good when we've had questions.
Tim Zinsaz -
It's really easy to use and you have all the info available with two clicks. If you need anything, you have a great customer service that will help you in minutes!
Carlos Sampol -
Prisync has a great user friendly interface and it helps to analyse all what you need quickly. You also get real time notifications so it helps to take needed actions rapidly.
Ertan Bayrakli -
Setup was very easy and import export features are great to have at hand. The support is faultless and wish other companies would deal with issues as quickly as Prisync do.
Neil Bell -

Why Prisync?

Gathering competitive pricing intelligence is no longer a tiresome, expensive, and innacurate operation with our engine. Here are 3 of the countless reasons why 100s of companies from more than 50 countries trust Prisync compared to other vendors in the market.

  • 5-Star Customer Service

    Our 24/7 online Customer Support Team is always available to answer any inquires you might have in just a few minutes and work hard to make sure that you get more than what you're paying for. We offer a free onboarding service to plan a long-lasting relationship with all our customers.

  • Fresh, Accurate, and Reliable Data

    Companies from SMBs to Fortune 500's rely on Prisync's data to derive detailed C-level analysis and execute their A-game without any hesitations or concerns. We have heavily invested in extracting data with the highest accuracy by using a combination of both automated and manual assessments to pass on to our clients at no extra cost.

  • Flexible & Affordable Subscription Model

    We help companies to increase their sales and profit margins for more than 20% on average. Our monthly plans start from 59 USD per month which is much less than what you're paying for coffee in a week.


Pricing for Prisync

Choose the service that fits you best.

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$ 59 mo


Up to 100 Products

Unlimited competitors!

  • Price Updates 4 Times a Day
  • Excel Report
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Stock Availability Monitoring
  • Price Position Comparison
  • Worldwide Site/Currency Coverage
  • Batch Import
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Most Popular

$ 129 mo


Up to 1000 Products

Unlimited competitors!

  • Marketplace Price Tracking
  • Product Variant Price Tracking
  • Daily Excel Report Mail
  • Daily Price Change Notification
  • Category/Brand Performance Analytics
  • Pricing Analytics
  • *API Access
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$ 229 mo


Up to 5000 Products

Unlimited competitors!

  • Price History
  • Instant Price Change Notification
  • Advanced Mail Reports
  • For Suppliers - Price Violation Module
  • For Suppliers - Recommended Price Module
  • Advanced Pricing Analytics
  • *API Access
Try 14 Days free trial
* API access will be charged for an extra 20% on top of your monthly subscription fee.

A pricing software is a must
in today's dynamic ecommerce market.

90% of online shoppers say they actively compare deals before making a purchase. 60% of shoppers say that pricing is the key factor when making a purchasing decision. And nearly 50% of consumers only purchase discounted products. If you're still thinking if pricing affects sales or profit, you're already leaving money on the table. Take action today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a pricing software mean for an e-commerce company?

    Pricing software is a tool that transforms how e-commerce businesses strategize for growth. It replaces legacy systems and manual workflows where a team of qualified people used to spend most of their time entering and updating their competitors' data and compared it with their product assortment in a giant spreadsheet. The analysis and reporting part was a mess because maintaining and understanding the data was no easy task. Countless hours and most importantly human potential was lost doing all these. And there were still a lot of errors due to manual work. This led to a chain of unfortunate actions. Faulty data led to poor decision making and it resulted in the loss of both real-time and potential revenue. Nearly 83% of companies still work this way in the early stages of AI and ML, the only way to move forward to becoming profitable is by using Prisync.

  • Would my company benefit from pricing software?

    Price is one of the key criteria affecting the purchasing decision of consumers and if your business is in a vertical where pricing is important, then having a pricing software will take you much ahead in the game. Not only will you know your competitors' prices but also change your own dynamically so it will be hard for your rivals to follow your movements. Eventually, you'll have more control over your market, make better decisions, and increase revenue.

  • What's unique about Prisync's pricing software?

    Prisync has developed its way to be an extremely flexible, accessible, and easy way for monitoring and managing prices for any size of e-commerce company. And this happened by listening to our customers' and potential buyers from day 1 since 2013. That's how we've become the highest-rated company in popular B2B software vendors like Capterra and G2.

  • Does Prisync's pricing software cover my country or industry?

    Absolutely yes! Our price search engine works on-demand for any country or market vertical. Our users simply define their competitors they want to cover and monitor, and our flexible technology starts delivering data from any market in minutes.

  • Do I need any technical integration before using Prisync?

    Definitely not! Prisync is a self-service product that requires no integration or technical operation beforehand. We provide a very easy-to-use online dashboard where you can access from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and browser.

  • Can I have a free trial with Prisync before I subscribe for a paid plan?

    Of course! We strongly encourage you to have an in-depth 14-day free trial where you can access to Prisync's complete set of pricing software without any limits. During the free trial, our team will be in touch with you to help you evaluate Prisync better for your business just in case if you need any improvements to speed things up.